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This is one of my regular installments of Showing My Work series that I’ll be posting frequently to help map my Elearning skills.

In this project I was asked to create a quiz using an online quizzing tool. I ended up deciding to experiment with the quiz maker app Riddle by creating 5 MC questions. In this post I’ll provide a brief write up of the contextual factors used to create this quiz for a course I’m redesigning for the summer. I’ll also be adding a brief review of the tool.


This quiz is a formal assessment for international students enrolled in a university English language writing course. This quiz is meant to be a formal assessment of knowledge gained from an instructional unit on improving unity and cohesion in academic writing.

  • Students identify academic language and style that is appropriate for low-advanced academic writing assignments.
  • Students identify and correctly apply language for unity and coherence within an academic essay.
Learners will be able to:
  • Implement revision and editing strategies in order to identify and self-correct errors in language use, punctuation and mechanics.
  • Use correct phrases and words for creating coherent and unified academic essays.
Levels of Learning Using Revised Blooms Taxonomy
  • Q1 (Remembering/Recognizing) + Factual
  • Q2 (Remembering/Recognizing) + Conceptual
  • Q3 (Remembering/Recognizing) + Conceptual
  • Q4 (Apply) + Conceptual
  • Q4 (Apply) + Conceptual

I realize that I’ve only just scratched the surface of what type of assessments I could create with Riddle. The ability to quickly add images within the quiz editor makes for a visually appealing quiz. I also thought the variety of ways one can share and embed the quiz make it a good choice as well. There are a number of business-specific options designed to generate leads and bring in customers that might make forking over the money for a basic (29$/month) or a pro (49$/month) plan worth the cost for businesses. For educators, though, it might be unlikely that they would find it worth the cost for even the basic plan.

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