Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

This post is part of a showing my work series. As a budding ed tech and ID professional, I find it important to engage in design projects where I feel there is a need. In this project, I’m walking through the design process using my current online course experience as a student in OSU’s Designing Effective Elearning Course and mentoring and coaching through Facebook and LinkedIn.

One of the biggest takeaways that I had after teaching international students in the “remote learning” situation this spring semester at Saint Louis University was that many students were lacking the characteristics of successful online learners. My own personal opinion is that for institutions of higher ed to remain relevant and keep students they need to not only attend to providing their faculty with quality training in teaching online, but also train their students in what it takes to be a successful online learners. I was in a Zoom session with IDs from Arizona State University recently and they mentioned that part of their approach to rolling out their Sync courses (a Hylfex Model) for fall was creating a required course for students that helps orient them to the online learning environment and equips them with the skillset of being good online learners. I’m trying to design something similar for my own institution so that it can be deployed this fall.

The course that I’m proposing addresses my needs analysis conducted through online journals and end of term reflective writing tasks that I implemented after the spring 2020 pivot to remote learning where I asked students to address their difficulties (and limited successes) in learning online. Below are some questions I asked my students to respond to in my ongoing needs analysis conducted through Blackboard Journals during the spring 2020 semester at Saint Louis University:

  • What ways are you finding to adjust to online learning?
  • What things are you still struggling with?
  • What do you need support with from teachers and advisors?
  • How was online learning for you this week?

My Canva Analysis document below looks at the stakeholders, needs, demographics and barriers as a means of preparing this course and conducting the analysis and aggregating my needs analysis results from spring 2020.

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