I taught in higher education for nearly a decade, in both the United States and abroad. Prior to pursuing a career in teaching, I spent 6 years serving in the U.S. Army as a Blackhawk helicopter technician and a Bradley Fighting Vehicle Operator.

Since my early years in college, I’ve worked summers as an adventure guide and naturalist with Alaska Wildland Adventures, leading small group tours in some of the more remote wild areas of Alaska. My passion for the outdoors and the natural world gives me a balance of analog activities to get me away from my computer screen. And although COVID-19 has upended the tourism industry, I continue to find ways to explore the natural world around me.

These days I’m more interested in learning theories, online teaching and leadership. I recently left a position teaching English as a Second Language for INTO Saint Louis University, as an Assistant Professor. I am now transitioning to the second stage in my post-military career with a new focus as an instructional designer. In September I joined Cisco in a dual role as a Change Management Analyst and Instructional Designer. I work remotely from Anchorage, Alaska, where I enjoy the perks of being in one of the most beautiful places I know.

In my free time I spend a fair amount of time hiking, running, fat biking and other forms of fitness to balance out my learning and training interests.

Why this website?

This is a website for online educators, corporate trainers, potential employers, and eLearning specialists. The goal of this website is to share and explore the best practices in delivering quality eLearning teaching and training. I also hope to share my work and document my mentoring, learning, and growth process.

A Word About My Portfolio

My portfolio began as a way to display my own growth and development with online teaching and instructional design. Recently, I’ve also sought ways to make my own process of mentoring and coaching more transparent.

Other Projects